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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 26, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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township tonight, matt. acting police chief told reporters just minutes ago that the 20 year-old suspect, being questioned in this case is cooperative with investigators. he will be released later on tonight but that does in the mean he will not be facing any charges in this case. bucks county district attorney's office will decide if this young man will be charged in this case sometime next week. red truck was spotted 2 miles from the the police station damage in the crash police say to the man driving it, last night, jenny loose owe's family has a message. >> how can you live with your self could go something like this. you caused damage, why don't you just stop and admit to it. >> reporter: the nine three-year old was asleep in her bed at 2:40 when a truck burst through her bedroom wall. it veered off the road leaving deep tracks in the yard. >> the whole house shook, right. so i quick got up and looked out that window. i seen taillights go out this road right here.
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>> reporter: her son raced to help as driver backup and drove off. he moved her from the room away from the cold air pouring in from the gaping hole but jenny, who turned nine three-year old to daze was on hospice and had been sick for a while and the stress was just too much to bear. >> she was very fragile. she was only 58-pound at the end. that is the size of a six year-old. >> reporter: she died at the hospital a short time later and neither her or her family wanted just one day after her last christmas. >> this is in the how we expect her to have her last wishes. she really wanted to pass in her own room and was not able to do that. >> reporter: police say the suspect was located right here near where his truck was found. he met officers at a separate lex to be brought in for questioning, however, not wanting to make contact with police, in front of our camera. the acting police chief also just told us that one member of the suspect's family apparently went to the victim's house and apologized for his actions to the victim's family. that apology, was well
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received. we're live from bristol township bucks county tonight, matt rivers, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". breaking news right now at 6:00, one person is dead, following a crash between a motorcycle and a crash in king of prussia, montgomery county. chopper three live over that scene at river road and mccoy lane. police tell us a second person was injured and then taken to the hospital, by a helicopter. the the investigation into this crash is now underway. we will continue to stay on top of this breaking story. tonight, philadelphia police are investigating a crash involving a school bus, loaded with children on the roosevelt boulevard. chopper three over the the scene near henry avenue in east falls this afternoon. authorities say that the driver, of that bus, suffered burns from wires that caused him to lose control. none of the students on the bus were injured. they were transferred to another bus. a worker was killed at the the cherry island landfill in wilmington this afternoon. the authorities say that 42 year-old jose louise garcia hernandez of newark was hit by
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a large piece of equipment. chopper three over that scene around 2:00 o'clock. investigators tell "eyewitness news" a tractor was pushing trash in the large pile and was backing up when it hit the the victim. a 94 year-old woman, missing since christmas eve has been found safely. police say stella men inger was driving from lansdale to gilbertsville, montgomery county for a christmas celebration. she didn't make it. her family got very concerned, but she was found this afternoon at a wawa in mount laurel, new jersey, 50 miles away, she is now safe with family. just a gorgeous day across the region, "eyewitness news" in center city earlier a as people made their way around the city. will the sun be sticking around for the weekend? meteorologist kate bilo is tracking things from the cbs-3 sky deck and she joins us now with more, kate? >> thanks, guess contact it is a half and half weekend somewhat, saturday looks beautiful, sunday though expect changes as showers work their way back in the forecast along a cold front which will deliver a big blast of more
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winter-like air back to the delaware valley. lets look at is what happening right now outside. no problems. we can see a few cloud creeping in on storm scan three as we widen out we will in the see much if any precipitation, but they go well back toward the northern plains and does not get here until sunday. temperatures right now are falling as skies are clear, once the sun goes down the earth cools and all that radiation just escapes out in space. if you have a a cloud layer it keeps you warmer overnight, and, and recipe, and, and, allentown. still higher then they should be, for this time of the year. it it was a blustery christmas day but wind calm down a bit today, and five to 6 miles an hour, and southeasterly wind, and bringing in nice warm air back in the region. and we are up to 54 degrees, for tomorrow, 12 degrees above the seasonal average, and a few showers, and right around the noon time hour, and into the afternoon.
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52 degrees on sunday and then coming up we've got big changes to talk about next week. so more sunshine to start your weekend, showers return sunday. we could see snow flakes on monday. we will track that for you with the seven day forecast. kate, thank you. >> this afternoon hundreds turnout to support police officer in atlantic city. a as "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan shows us tonight, they were moved to asked by actions of other protesters. >> negative speech anti police brutality protest have compelled others to balance the scale. >> our police department do their jobs and they deserve our support. >> reporter: retired local physician john baker rallied hundreds on friday the atlantic city boardwalk to express their support for police. >> they have had a bad deal in the national press. their side of the story has not been presented well. and these are the people that
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protect and serve and risk their lives for all of our community, every single day. >> reporter: some believe tensions may have played a role in the murders of nypd officers wenjian liu and ramos. baker and atlantic city radio host, spent the week gathering permits and rallying speakers. >> as we celebrate the birth of jesus christ, sadly, fell in vein. >> reporter: community leaders say times of tension are opportunities for change. but they urged peace. >> we just can't wash it a away in a couple of weeks. it will take communications, and sitting down with neighbors, and support. >> reporter: as police supporters marched down boardwalk off-duty nypd officer ben, happened upon what was going on and said it was encouraging. >> it was great. ti used to seeing police rallies in new york city, you know, where we're used to working.
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>> reporter: organizers say they hope they will have more pro police rallies throughout the country in the the new year, there will be a much better relationship between department and their communities. in atlantic city i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile in insuring mourners gathered at a queens church to remember officer ramos. the crowd, including hundreds of uniform police officers, and friend and family called ramos a self less man studying to be a pastor. funeral for officer ramos is saturday, his killer, who also shot his ex-girlfriend, posted on line threats begins police in retaliation for alleged police brutality. stay tuned for more on the services for fallen new york city officer on the "cbs evening news" at 6:30, immediately following "eyewitness news" at 6:00 right here on cbs-3. septa services are suspended when a cab land on the track. germantown cab went 35 feet up an embankment and landed on train tracks near germantown station. services on chestnut hill line was stopped for an hour until
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they could clear the scene but in one was hurt. we learned this afternoon, the baby born on a septa train yesterday has been named chris, in honor of his birthday on christmas day. septa released this photo of mother, baby and two septa officers helped deliver chris on a market frankford line train last night at 15th and market in center city. mother and baby are in good condition at a hand map hospital. police say a serial bank robbery suspect wanted in philadelphia has struck again. investigators say, and latest heist happened at wells fargo street at 52nd and park side this morning. that suspect is wanted in three other robberies and one attempted robbery all in the city over the past two weeks. if you recognized this person, call police. philadelphia police also looking for a man who robbed a chinese restaurant in fernrock, suspect entered asia two chinese restaurant, in the 5900 block of north broad street, this morning, and aimed a gun at a worker and got away with an undetermined
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amount of cash. he was last seen getting in the blue minivan. still to come at 6:00 post holiday rush is on as crowd mobbed the malls to take back those gifts that didn't quite hit the mark. stopping for students, cast of the local performance is a lesson to teens and return for some goodwill, kate. after a beautiful friday it will be nicer for saturday, changes are on the way, we will have your seven day forecast, coming up, rob. kate, one game to play for eagles this season but who will be under center next year, that is question we will ponder and sight for penn state fans they did the not think they will would be witnesses, a bowl game, we wi
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gift card in their pockets a and in the quite right items and in fact many headed to the mall to take full advantage of the day after christmas sales. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch tells us the only down side the crowds.
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>> macy's, foot locker. >> anymore. >> vittoria secret. >> reporter: just a few shops damon epps and his wife stopped into on friday and knowing there were more he took a break. are you tired. >> yes. >> reporter: he is one of thousands of shop hours converged upon the cherry hill mall, many there on a mission. >> to return and get the the appropriate size. >> reporter: who got you the wrong sizes. >> everybody. and i had to return six or seven things but everybody did. >> reporter: that is what december 26th has become, with gift buying and getting now mostly over, the pleasure of receiving what you really want, begins. >> you get better deals after christmas. >> reporter: shoppers say they are seeing big sales, their eyes are not deceiving them, macy's has rolled out a one day sale offering some merchandise at 65 percent off. and we're told they are not only ones. >> it is like i got three shirts for $20. >> reporter: sales signs and foot traffic may bring to mind another big shopping day but the pros think differently. >> black friday, is craze
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year, but this is a good day. >> reporter: especially if you cannot pass up a good bargain. >> we bring in a few more stores and then we are leaving. >> reporter: at cherry hill mall just continue finch, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". african americans nationwide are celebrating the first day of kwanzaa, garden state discovery museum in cherry hill held a kwanzaa celebration for children. holiday last seven days each day highlighting a different principal. day one celebrates unity, other days dedicated to creativity, self determination, responsibility, cooperative economics and faith. today is also boxing day, while it is not widely celebrated in the u.s. holiday is typically celebrated in the uk, canada, australia and other commonwealth nation. shoppers in long than looked for a chance to snap up those after christmas discounts. this holiday dates back to the middle ages when churches would have open collection boxes and distribute contents to the less fortunate.
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cast of stump are teaching the next generation... >> ♪ >> good stuff there. for the cost of the canned goods fans of all ages were given lessons by the performers. students from the philadelphia performing arts charter school were among those who traveled to the kimmel center, to support philabundance. you can see stump at miriam theater through tuesday. >> ♪ do you want to build a snow man ♪ >> a lot of you probably recognize that hit disney film frozen comes to life on ice, very appropriate there. see elsa, ana and all of the character at wells fargo center new through january 4th and ticket are still available sunny take makes for a very nice evening, and some perfect skating weather. a live look at river rink on
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penns landing, plenty of people still lacing up their skates and taking a spin on the ice. and listen, don't forget join cbs-3 on new years eve. we will broadcast live at penns landing and will bring you spectacular fire works show at the stroke of midnight you can be part of the special by sending us your new years wishes. go to cbs use hash tag cbs-3, nye, kate. it looks like a big change in weather as we ring in the new year. we will have more in a moment. first lets check with our weather watchers. we are looking at a temperature of 41 degrees thanks to barbara lane in willow grove reporting a clear sky and temperatures have been dropping, even these numbers are lower on the weather watcher map then they were a half an hour ago. tom in phoenixville my home town reporting 40 degrees and mainly clear skies. tom says nice day, clear, with plenty of sunshine. that it was. just a gorgeous, friday afternoon out there already down to 35 in central, new jersey. vincentown, john sandman
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reporting that 35 degrees. he says it will be cold tonight. interior south jersey tend to drop, very, very rapidly, generally speaking. it is down to 32 at the kathy's house. she's in when known a and she has a comment as well cool night with the crescent moon shining, wind northwest at 4 miles an hour. the moon is gorgeous. i saw it outside on the sky deck. take a look if you can. if you are interested in being a weather watcher you can be featured in our newscast, sign up at cbs we would love to have you as part of the team. lets take a peak at is what going on outdoors. we will take you down the shore in atlantic city. it was a beautiful sunset in atlantic city tonight but now it is pretty dark out there casinos all lit up, everything looking great at the moment and fun to be in the poconos as well, and down the shore, in the mountains for the holiday, take a look at what looks to be a snow board, class here at jack frost big boulder this one giving it a shot as well, pretty well done. nice job. we will get it by the time class is over.
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lets look at storm scan three, it is better than i am on any kind of snow apparatus so there is that. storm scan three looking fine, clear, no problems. we have a system that will be moving in, as we go through the weekend and into next week even. that will write big changes to our forecast. temperatures right now 44 degrees at the airport. thirty-eight in allentown. thirty-five in mount pocono. already down to 35 in millville. you can see north and western suburbs, interior south jersey, temperatures dropping rapidly, and then the mild air, does try to hang on. we were in the 50's to fey with sunny skies. even though it is a killed start with temperatures in the piece in the city, 20's in the suburbs, we have got sunshine returning, and temperatures will rise in the mid 50's. still 50 sunday but better chance for showers popping up here and there through midday time flame. we will see what that looks like on future weather. we expect it right around noon time. tomorrow looks good. no problems. mostly sunny 9:00 a.m. looks fine 46789 or 5:00 p.m. looking fine as well but here comes the showers. by 7:00 o'clock sunday morning just off to the west there is a batch of showers around the midday hours, and then that clears out, but then the front
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stalls right off to our south. as we head into monday morning, another area of low pressure will track right along that boundary and see what happens here mainly in the higher elevations a little bit of snow develops on the northern edge of the system. fit shifts further to the north, we could see snow showers here in philadelphia, early on monday. doesn't look like a huge deal, all things considered, temperatures have been mild enough that this is not going to cause any major problems but we will keep an eye out on it and it goes off tooth south by midday on monday. overnight tonight mainly clear and chilly down to 35 degrees. for your saturday sunny skies, mild, high of 54 degrees. let's fast forward to new years eve and take a look at this number, 28 degrees at midnight, brisk abe cold as we welcome 2015 but watching fire works everyone will be down there new years spirit will be alive and well and that has got to keep you warm, warm you from the inside even if the outside is not doing you any favors. seven day forecast, beautiful tomorrow, watch for showers sunday and watch for that potential milk shower monday,
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little bit of snow mixed with rain, tuesday, sunny but cold and speaking of cold, wednesday, 35 for new years eve and first day of 255, 36 and still cold. we will need to bundle up as we say hello to 2015. >> right an cue, thanks. and the skew you kill expressway seems to be giving us most of the problems for the afternoon commute. the these are eastbound lanes around spring garden, you can see disabled vehicle push off in the right-hand shoulder there you can see brake lights as they squeeze by the curve. in problems on the westbound lanes as well. over on i-95, this is typical of this time of the day, the southbound lanes, headed toward center city no problems, even losing out, that right-hand shoulder and lane due to on going construction and really in problems there. still a road closure out in king of prussia route 23, river road closed at mccoy lane due to an earlier
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accident, involving a vehicle and met or cycle n berlin new jersey route 130, eastbound right lane blocked due to a down pole from an earlier accident. in problems on 422 westbound, blue route doing fine no problems on 202 heading northbound. stay
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breaking news right now in germantown a hazardous material call prompts evacuation of the home on the 200 block of clapper street. chopper three live over the scene right now, pretty active scene, officials believe fuel leaked from a truck, there are in reports of any injuries, we will continue to up kate you. eagles season coming to a conclusion late sunday afternoon one of the major questions looking forward is what will happen at quarterback, mark sanchez, he has shown strong flashes since taking over for nick foles but he has turn the ball over far too frequently 12 turns overs to go with 12 touchdowns.
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he is a free agent. foles has been out since week nine with the broken clavicle. penn state got an early christmas gift when their four year bowl ban was repealed making them bowl eligible. tomorrow at 4:30 in the bronx six and six lions will take seven and five boston college eagles in the opinion strike bowl for players like christian hackenberg who came to happy val which in bowl game guarantee it is all about the upper classman. >> specifically and priority number one is sending these seniors out the right way, and i think that is the theme here since i came into the program. that is great, that is continuing on. >> currently in progress rutgers taking on north carolina in the quick lane bowl in detroit the right now you rutgers up 23 to nothing at the start of the second half. more bowl action from earlier today, zach heart of dallas bowl that is real name louisiana a tech, they win 35-18. that is blake mart win 28-yard run right there for the
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bulldogs. sixers fresh off 23-point come back against miami heat on tuesday night. they will travel to portland to take on the blazers. team tied for most wins in the nba at 23. speaking of road trips flyers kicked off their eighth consecutive game away from home ice in fine fashion, having won their first three, which is tied for longest of the season they will skate at nashville, tomorrow, we will bebe right back. i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station wpsg the cw philly and we are back here at 11:00. up next tonight the "cbs evening news" and tonight a community in peril, new york remembers a slain officer as threats against a police department ramp up. plus steve hartman goes on the road with the football player
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who changed fields to help his neighbor. >> axelrod: tonight, tears of a city. a sea of blue pays respect to a fallen officer, even as threats against cops pour in. jericka duncan reports. holiday joy turns into frustration when the video games don't work. >> kind of, like, blowing my mind. >> axelrod: ben tracy on how the hackers stole christmas. bad tires cause thousands of accidents each year. jeff pegues reports most drivers wouldn't know if their tires had been recalled. and steve hartman is on the road. >> he said you're making the biggest mistake of your life. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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